Kraft Straw

Forest Stewardship Council Certified


For Cost Efficiency and sustainability

Recyc-Lü’s Kraft paper straws feature 3 hours+ sogginess-free technology that is guaranteed to complement your drinks, both hot or cold, in the most eco-friendly, affordable, and sustainable way. 

Unlike the wood pulp straws that people associate with paper straws, our Kraft Straws have high elasticity and high tear resistance.  You will never experience your kraft straw falling apart in your drink like any other paper straws. 

With Recyc-Lü, our Kraft paper straws are fully biodegradable and compostable. If they do end up in the ocean someday, they’ll start to break down within just three days. In addition, all of our Kraft material is Forest Stewardship Council certified which means that the material was forested in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. 

Moreover, the experiments that we conducted showed that our Kraft paper straws were able to biodegrade within a 3 months time span! 


Thick Kraft Straw

Purpose:  Smoothie and Boba Drinks
Measurement: 12 by 220 mm

Standard Kraft Straw

Purpose: Any Cold and Hot Beverages
Measurement: 6 by 194 mm

Superior to Paper Straws

We pay special attention to the service life of our Kraft Straws. Using the UV Dryer, the Kraft Straws are dried and cohered tightly with 4 Kraft layers. It is a significant step that makes our Kraft Straws stand out by featuring more service life compared to the inferior wood pulp paper straw. Based on test results conducted by our facilities, our Kraft Straws not only last 3 hours without getting soggy, but we are even proud to claim that they WILL NOT even fall apart or disintegrate in a 24 hour time span.

Manufacturing ProcesS

We select kraft paper as the raw material from reliable suppliers with the following certifications: FSC, MSDS, and FDA. We guarantee that the material is nontoxic, degradable and recyclable, and eco-friendly to our planet.

The kraft paper will be precisely cut into paper rolls by the slitting machines for the next production step.

In case of manufacturing colorized paper straws, we use food-class ink to print. We make sure that every kind of material used in the manufacturing process is nontoxic.

By inputting the wanted graphic pattern by the computer, the paper rolls are printed with accurate positioning and clear images.

Each paper straw is made of the three-ply paper using the food-grade glue (certified by FDA, RoHS, SGS, and SVHC) which makes the plies cohere with each other. To ensure longer hours of use, we made paper straws harder by using the 68gsm food-grade side-glazed paper as the surface paper and the 113 food-grade kraft paper as the middle paper & inside paper.

Being processed by the paper straw making machines, the paper straw takes its shape.


After the forming process, the paper straws need thorough drying to ensure that the glue makes the three-ply paper cohesive and thus can be used for a longer time.

All paper straws are put into the UV dryer which effectively dries and disinfects them using ultraviolet rays. You are sure to get the sanitary paper straws.

Each paper straw is individually packaged into poly-paper wrappers. With environmental protection awareness instilled deep in our mind, we use paper bags as the packaging material to minimize possible pollution to environment.

The packaging bag will be sealed to protect the straws from being polluted.


Biodegrades in 3 Months

Decomposition Test


We are able to customize our Kraft Straw colors to anything you’d like with a large enough order. Let us know by contacting us!