Bamboo Straw

100% Taiwan Natural Bamboo

Why bamboo?

For quality and sustainability

Bamboo is a clear, sustainable alternative. With bamboo’s natural water repellent properties, our Bamboo Straws last indefinitely in liquid. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, meaning moisture build-up will not cause it to harbor bacteria over time.

Bamboo is a high-yielding renewable resource which means that bamboo regrows much quicker and is utilized more efficiently than the average tree. While softwood is harvested in 20 years, bamboo is harvested within 3-5 years. In addition, replanting bamboo forests mitigates the negative impacts of soil erosion, climate change, and protects biodiversity.

Our Bamboo Straws only take approximately 6 months to biodegrade while plastic takes 1,000 years. The gradual transition to these biodegradable materials will allow us to preserve and improve our planet’s natural state. 

We advise reading this case study on the Environmental Impacts of Bamboo in Nigeria if you’re interested in more specific details on the sustainability and brief history of bamboo.


Thick Bamboo Straw

Purpose:  Smoothie and Boba Drinks
Measurement: 12 by 220 mm 

Standard Bamboo Straw

Purpose: Any Cold and Hot Beverages
Measurement: 6 by 194 mm

Crafted to perfection

100% Combustible. 100% Chemical Free. 100% Biodegradable. 100% Taiwanese Bamboo. 24+ hours with absolutely NO SOGGINESS. Recyc-Lü’s Bamboo Straws  consists of nothing but 100% natural bamboo. Our straws are child-friendly and contain smooth edges that don’t cause any irritation during use. Best of all, they can be used for both hot or cold beverages without any chance of getting soggy. Although our bamboo-fiber option is naturally more expensive to produce, we have done our due-diligence to ensure that our prices will always be reasonable and cost-effective.

Key features

For the superior straw

Natural Plant Fiber

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Resistant -20 ~80 ℃

Lasts 24/7 in Water

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Made in taiwan

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Manufacturing Process

Our bamboo is sourced from sustainable bamboo forests in Taiwan. Once collected, the bamboo is grinded and mashed together until it becomes a powder-like substance. From there, the manufacturing plant near Taipei combines the fine particles with patented tech with no additional chemicals or additives. After the drying process, the straws are then packaged and shipped out. 

Biodegrades in 6 Months

Decomposition Test